Welcome, Friends!

It's good to have you here

As a quick introduction, I'm Shane Snow, founder of Contently and author of these three books about thinking and working different. You may know me primarily from my work in journalism for Wired, GQ, and Fast Company, or from my 7+ years co-running Contently, one of the fastest-growing content technology companies in the world.

Or maybe we bumped into each other on LinkedIn or at a pizza joint. (It was probably LinkedIn, huh?)

I'm from a quiet town in Idaho, and after moving to Hawaii and then New York City, I've become obsessed with trying to look at the world differently. I'm a big fan of Ben Franklin's adage, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." So my mission is to explore science, humanity, and business (and occasionally underground tunnels!)—and then write about what I find. You can picture me as the crazy guy a few paces ahead in the jungle with a machete, hacking vines and calling back.

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I'm excited for you to join the tens of thousands of other explorers on this journey, so we can all make a difference by thinking a little different.

Much love,