The #1 Thing Congress & The Rest Of Us Need Right Now

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THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE the most positive difference in the world are the ones who are able to discern when they need to change—and then are brave enough to do so even when the cost is high.

These kinds of people make amazing teammates because they are able to consider people and ideas that others won’t.

They make amazing leaders, because they are able to choose the right thing to do over the easy thing to do.

They make amazing citizens, because they don’t stop learning and thinking as the world around them changes.

Scientists have a term for people like this: Intellectually Humble.

FOR THE LAST COUPLE MONTHS, I’ve been working on an epic post distilling all the research we know today about Intellectual Humility, and how to get better at it. I’m convinced that this is the number one thing that any leader, team member, citizen, or family member can learn in order to become more effective tomorrow than they are today.

This is especially relevant in today’s world of “alternative facts” and deep ideological divisions. The more intellectual humility we have, the better we can work with others who aren’t like us, the more innovative problem solvers we can be, and the better people we can become.

Read the whole post here about everything about Intellectual Humility and how to develop more of it. Or jump to a section that interests you:

Table of Contents:

  1. Malcolm X and The Power of Intellectual Humility

  2. How To Develop Intellectual Humility:

    • Respect For Other Viewpoints

    • Lack of Intellectual Overconfidence

    • Separating Ego From Intellect

    • Revising Our Viewpoints (And Knowing When To)

  3. The Benefits of An Intellectually Humble Life

  4. Take the Intellectual Humility Assessment For Yourself

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