Wonder, Creativity, and Options

A million books are coming out this summer. And I love books, but who has time to read a million of them amiright? So though I’ve been obsessively working on the launch of my own book (Dream Teamspre-order your copy today and get fun bonuses, yay!), I decided to step back for this month’s free edition of The Snow Report and give you a sneak peak on three of them that I’ve read and loved enough to share with you.

Here’s a sneak peak at the three new books I recommend this summer—on such topics as harnessing anxiety, becoming super creative, and making it as a freelancer—along with some free tips on how you can improve your own writing process:

1) Watch this video where I had each of these authors pitch you their book and why it matters!

2) And for inspiration for your own creative process, check out what Amber Rae and Allen Gannett taught me about how they write!

Finally, for those of you who are just subscribed to the free monthly Snow Report, you can still get a free copy of Dream Teams when you subscribe to the weekly Snow Report for $5 a month. Do it before I change my mind like Kylo Ren. ;)

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