Ready to Level Up Your 2021 Leadership? See the syllabus for our next Intensive!

Shane here! In between my regular Ex Post Facto newsletters, I wanted to send you this special update about my Dream Teams Leadership Intensive.

What if you could consistently unlock more productivity & innovation from yourself and your team?

That’s what’s in store for you if you join our March 8–26 Dream Teams Leadership Intensive, a live (virtual) skills bootcamp for developing habits of:

  • Building trust and psychological safety

  • Approaching confrontation

  • Effective inclusion

  • Communicating inarguably

  • Group problem-solving

  • Intellectual humility

  • and more!

Leaders who joined our last Intensive said it literally changed their lives!

Check out the syllabus HERE to learn exactly how this program can do that for you!

I’ll be back soon with more fun Ex Post Facto for ya!

Til then—much love,